July 2024

NEGATIVLAND/Shame 69 - No Buisness 7 inch picture disc
Putout Rerecordings 2003.

NP 9030 R.I.P.
A memorial booklet for the extremely wonderful and highly innovative Canon NP 9030
black and white laser photocopier, which I used to share my bedroom with.
In preparation (well I printed all the covers in silver ink on black card a few years ago)


1992 Doccumentation of my collection of Clip-on plastic (and other) moustaches,
currently out-of print whilst I figure out how to include a blue moustache and
some glow-in-the-dark snot!!

ECO-FRENZY; recycling and ecology symbols

1992 A collection of over 150 recycling and ecology symbols/graphics, since then
I've collected another 150 new/different symbols, and a new expanded version
is very slowly being prepared! (700 copies)

PINK PAPER, Mark Pawson, 2004 - 2009

Made entirely from intensely bright, dazzling fluorescent pink paper, the pages in The
Pink Paper have been repeatedly screwed up and then flattened, crumpled up and then
smoothed out, scrunched up and then pressed... the harsh fluorescant paper becomes
creased, worn and degraded, and gradually becomes softer, more flexible and
floppy, taking on the character of a fabric rather than paper.
Signed & numbered, edition of 49 copies, handsewn, 20 pgs, 16x16cm

MaPk nAbCoH
1989-99. Random multiple overprints in black, red and blue onto unused billboard poster
paper. An intense visual barrage of overlaid images, textures and graphics - you can feel
the build-up of photocopier toner. When I made these books, I had a pile of paper, and a
stack of black and white collage originals and just keep putting the paper through the
photocopier over and over again, overprinting until the depth and build-up of imagery
gets interesting. 21x15cm, 24pgs, Continuous production since 1989 Each copy unique.
(750+ paperback copies 15 Hardback)