Postcards by Mark Pawson
July 2024

This book is a by-product of the badge making process, the perforated pages are
the waste material left after printed paper discs to be made up into badges have
been cut out. The overlay of multiple circle grids reminds me of dot screens,
moire patterns, foam rubber, Dieter Rot's books and childrens books with
windows letting you peep through to future pages. Images are minimal and
incidental; notes and quantities in the margins, deleted or misprinted badge art.
The differing circle layouts reflect changes in technologies utilised, earlier
designs were photocopied, with random layouts as badge artwork is slapped on
the copier glass, resized and multiplied, recent lazerprinted designs use a fixed
grid of 35 badge blanks - the optimum amount that fit evenly spaced on an A4
sheet of paper. Its this fixed grid which gives the book its title;
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - thirty-five
lower case round o's, not oval-shaped capital Os or zeros.
21x29cm, thirty-five pages, hundreds of holes, handsewn,
signed & numbered edition of 300 copies Mark Pawson,
produced sporadically in small batches, 2001-2023
UK £36.00
colour combination

UK £10.50

The Address Is The Art is made from nearly three decades worth of collected envelopes
from family, friends, mailartists from around the world, junk mail, boring letters from the
bank and more... Covers are rubberstamped by hand with the addition of gummed labels
and stickers, I plan to assemble these continuously over the next few years - so there will
be variations within the edition - every copy is different.
2003-2023, Signed, numbered, handsewn, edition of 500 copies. 14x20cm, 20 pgs.
REVIEW in Art On Paper (USA), Nov/Dec 2006
UK £24.00

UK £60.00

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