July 2024

BICYCLE WHEEL THEFT Commemorative Enamel Plaque
Mark Pawson/workfortheeyetodo 1995. You've seen the postcards, now here's the plaque!
Traditional enamel plaque with text in red, green, blue and purple on a white background,
corner holes for fixing, comes in a signed, numbered envelope with a booklet.
235x170 mm edition of 30.

Made from Perspex, with raised acrylic letters on both sides,
lettering colours vary slightly on each necklace.
2 x 5cm on a 40cm chain, Limited Edition of 36,
2008, comes with signed & numbered packaging.

Each necklace is individual - they're handmade
and the colour of the letters is different on each one!
2 x 5cm on 40cm chain, Limited Edition of 36,
2008, comes with signed & numbered packaging.

Made from translucent, fluoro pink tinted Perspex, can also be clipped onto your nose!
Limited Edition of 36, 5 x 6 cm on 30 cm chain, in signed & numbered packaging.

Inspired by a vintage shop sign, this necklace was the first collaboration between
jewellery/accessories designers TATTY DEVINE and artist Mark Pawson. Made from
Perspex and shown above actual size, the necklace has raised lettering in bright
primary colours on both sides! Every necklace is individual - they are handmade and
the colour of the letters is different on each one! Comes packaged on a card
showing the front door of TATTY DEVINE's East London Shop. Mark Pawson & Tatty Devine, 2004.

OPEN & CLOSED - Mark Pawson

2004. Reversible Perspex Sign with multicoloured lettering, 26 x 8.5 cm, Edition of 60.
Comes complete with chain - ready to hang. White background, Letters in Red, Crimson,
Orange, Black, Green, Blue & Aqua Blue. Letter colours vary on each sign - every one
is different! Signature and number laser etched into the sign, packaged in a custom
made signed & numbered cardboard box.
Produced with invaluable assistance from Tatty Devine.

"The scholarship is staggering, the photos of life-size Noggins quite
worrying and the book a masterpiece of its type." Art Monthly
I spent 5 years collecting and researching Noggins, amassing a small
army of wooden Viking warriors. With an artists eye for detail and the
passion of an obsessed collector, this unique book provides a fascinating
look at Noggins and their close relatives.
The book was printed on digital stencilprinters the modern day descendents
of Roneo/Gestetner duplicators at Knust, Netherlands, this labour-
intensive printing method gives a unique rustic print quality.
Stencilprinters aren't designed for colour printing - full colour printing
pushes their capabilities to the extreme

Noggins are handmade Viking figures with wooden bodies and furry
beards - they are both warlike and cute - fluffy but ready for a fight.
They originated as Scandinavian tourist souvenirs and a thousand
years after the original Vikings, Noggins set out from Scandinavia,
invading peoples homes and settling on knick-knack shelves
round the world! NOGGINS+ has 22 pages of full colour Viking figures,
many duotone images, Anatomy of a Noggin diagram
plus informative & amusing text and comments on individual figures.
44 pgs, softback. perfectbound, 18 x 27 cm.
1200 copies, 2001.