Mark Pawson's C.V.
MARK PAWSON CV inevitably slightly out of date..

Mark Pawson
Born in 1964

1983-1986 The City University, London, B.Sc Sociology 2.2
1994 Self-taught bookbinding, from pgs 65-103, Thames & Hudson Manual of Bookbinding.
1997 BTec in Electronic Multimedia Publishing, Bibliotech, London.

2013, UNBOXING, xero, kline & coma, London
2013, OPEN, The Nunnery, London

1985, April, Kunstraum, Kassel, Germany
1986, Jan, Data Attic, Dundee, Scotland, Wallpaper Installation
1988, Jan-Feb, Open Studio my home was open to the public, exhibiting the for two years I wallpapered all the mail recieved directly on the walls, creating a continually evolving
1994, The Living Room Cafe, Soho, London, Prints
1999, No New Work, retrospective, Last Chance Saloon, London
2002, Dec LOOK I'VE MADE SOME NEW POSTCARDS! bookartbookshop, London.
2006, OPEN/CLOSED, Window 06 installation, Angel Row, Nottingham.
2006, Handprinted in My Living Room, Permanent Gallery, Brighton.
2007, Handmade, Readymade, Lazercut, Here, Bristol
2008 The Horse Hospital/Chamber of Pop Culture, London
2008, SIGNS, Tatty Devine London

1991 June De Media, Eeklo, Belgium
1991 Oct-Nov Copyart Resource Centre London. A comissioned site-specific Installation that covered the entire wall and ceiling area of the centre (2200 sq ft) Using photocopies made at the cen tre, which after the show, were made into an edition of books
1994 Mar Virtual Living Room, comissioned by New Visions Film and Video Festival, Glasgow
2001 Dec wallpaper? tatty Devine For the December 2001 exhibition wallpaper? Mark Pawson wall papered the interior of the Tatty Devine shop with unusual and unlikely materials in a why-dont-you try-this-at-home approach to interior decoration. The limited edition wallpaper? catalogue has a unique cover made up of 12 mini books which open at different angles and contains samples of all the materials used for wallpaper?; post-it notes, pizza menus, postcards, gallery floor-plans, braille hymnbooks, plug wiring diagrams and more together with texts, photos of the completed installation and original diagrams & sketches.

1990 Jul-Aug Prints, Postcards T-shirts and other ephemera, with Ben Allen at Transmission Glasgow.
1994 Oct Art Zombies,with Ross Sinclair and Ben Allen, we covered the walls, floor and ceiling at Catalyst Arts, belfast, Ireland
1994 Nov Mapping Knowledge, Colchester Arts Centre, Essex, Artists Books Exhibition I rub berstamped a room to accompany my book.(catalogue)
2003 August Simply Sweets @ Eclectic Gallery, London.
2005 Print More Post Cards, bookartbookshop, London.
2008, DiArY, with Yasushi Cho and Juca Izusawa limArt, Tokyo, Japan.

2013, xerography, firstsite, Colchester (catalogue)
2013, The Postcard Is A Public Work Of Art, X marks the bokship, London (catalogue)
2008 Press and Release, Phoenix Gallery Brighton.

1987 May Copier Art Builds Bridges, Swiss Cottage Library, London (catalogue).
1987 Sept World Artists' Stamps, museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (catalogue).
1988 May AirMail/Artists Postcards, Air Gallery, London.
1993 Nov Members Only, Galeria Carles Poy, Barcelona, Spain, then touring (catalogue).
1994 Mar Virtual Living Room, Viewing room, @ CCA, comissioned by New Visions, Glasgow
1994 Carry On Collecting, Museum of London, London.
???? Fairytale in the Supermarket Fotofeis, Glasgow, Scotland.
???? meme breeders, USA.
1996-7 Sarah Staton's Supastore, New York & Norwich.
1998-99 artist/author; contemporary artists'books. American Federation of Arts touring exhibition (catalogue)
2000 REPETIVITY artists book exhibition Plymouth Arts Centre, and touring. (catalogue)
2002 STRIKE, curated by Gavin Wade, Wolverhampton Art Gallery. (catalogue)
2002-3 The Book Corner, British Council touring exhibition, Milan, London, Estonia & Lithuania.
2003 Homemade, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.
2003 Artsparkle/Multiplus, Leeds. (catalogue)
2003-2004 Outside of a Dog, paperbacks & other books by artists, Baltic, Gateshead. (Catalogue)
2003-2004 Bad Quality, Southern Arts Touring Exhibition, Millais Gallery Southampton and on tour.
2004 Vitrine, Leeds.
2004 Wilkommen, curated by Luke Oxley, Metropole Galleries, Folkestone.
2005 Jul-Aug VINYL, Cork City, Ireland. (Catalogue).
2005 May-June Strange Love, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery.
2005 All or Nothing, a consideration of Blank Books, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.
2005 Dec 'Christmas' (Multiples + Editionen) con|temporary + allgirls, Berlin.
2006? METROPOLIS - New Art from London, Beijing + (catalogue)

2011-2014 LCC zine workshop

2007 I developed and delivered the education programme to accompany John Armleder's exhibition 'about nothing' at SLG South London Gallery. Workshops for Secondary Schools, Adults, Family Groups and Teachers. Installation and artist's books by the 2 secondary school groups.
1988 Jul-Sept Artist-in-Residence, Acland-Burghley School, London, establishing a postal exchange scheme with other schools and community groups - organised by Air Gallery.
1990 Sept Lecture- 'Postal Art and Networking' Darlington Arts Centre
1991 Oct-Dec Artist-in-Residence, Copyart Resource Centre, London
1993 May Photocopy-art workshop for disabled persons and their carers, Wilson-Marriage Centre, Colchester.
1993 Jul-Aug Residency at KNUST, Nijmegen, Netherlands, I learnt how to use Roneo & Gestetner digital stencil printers/ (duplicators) for full colour printing and bookmaking
1994-1995 Small-offset printing course at Effra Vale Press, London
?????? Fotofeis Scotland belshill
?????? Aylesbury??
1996-date Lectures/Workshops on my work/Artists Books - Production & Distribution. LCP/LCC, RCA, Chelsea, Maidstone, Camberwell, Wimbledon, MMU, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Greenwich 2005
2004 Nov Bedsit Aesthetics: printed matter in the age of the fanzine. talk @ ICA, London
2004 Talk @ Catalyst, Belfast.
2005 March Adventures in 2-Dimensions, V & A, Make your own t-shirt workshop
2005 Guerilla Publishing Workshops, Spread The Word, London Literature Development Agency.

1992 Jan Research for Simon Ford, National Art Library @ Victoria & Albert Museum, for the exhibition 'Smile-a magazine of multiple origins' (catalogue)
1993 jan Research for Alec finlay/Graeme Murray Gallery, Edinburgh, on Artists Postage Stamp Exhibition.
1994 Counter Intelligence, 121 Centre, London,I collected Materials and executed this exhibition of 300 Small Press Publications, covering the whole field from music zines to publications as art objects. Wrote and published the catalogue, with reviews and essays, the exhibition also toured to Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New York and was covered in Live Life catalogue
1999 Networking: Art by post and fax. Arts Council/Hayward Touring Exhibition. (Catalogue)
???? Le Dernier Cri @ The Horse Hospital, London.
2003 Chris Watson @ Tatty Devine, London.
2003 Curated MYCooK, exhibition of books by Yasushi Cho, bookartbookshop, London.

Publications-Artists Books (edition size)
2014, whipping jumpy squirts (250)
2013, Art Monthly (5 unique books)
2012, everybody's mapping nowadays (120)
2011, It's All Over (Open)
2004 pink paper (49)
2004 address is the art (500)
2002 wallpaper? Feb Signed, (24)
2001 PAPER SAMPLES BOOK Nov 200 19x9cm 20pgs
1983 Ornament, paper sculpture construction kit (120)
1986 Pattern Book (200)
1988 Floor at 34 Paper used as floorcovering sewn into an edition of books, which were sent to people who had walked on the floor (34)
1989-1997 MaPk nAbCoH multi-coloured photocopy book, each copy unique (750+paper 15 Hbk)
1992 Installation Book (75)
1992 Life Has Meaning, printed at KNUST Netherlands (500)
1993 Aggressive Schoolbook (450+ continuous production)
1994 All My Rubberstamps (250 paperback 36 hardback)
2001 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 21x29cm, thirty-five pages, hundreds of holes, handsewn, signed & numbered edition of 300 copies May

Publications-Documenting my Collecting Activities
1987 Small Plastic Babies
1989 Marks Little Book about Kinder eggs (7500+)
1992 Eco-frenzy; recycling and ecology symbols (700)
1992 Clip-on Plastic Moustaches (700)
1992 Die-cut plug wiring diagrams (700)
2001 NOGGINS+ (1200)

My books have been acquired by the following collections;
Tate Gallery Library, London
Museum of Modern Art Library, New York
National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Sackner Collection, Florida.
Museum fur Fotokopie, Mulheim, Germany.

MULTIPLES/commercial products
2005 badge for life
2004 OPEN & CLOSED SIGN 2004
2003 OPEN & CLOSED NECKLACE Inspired by a vintage shop sign, this necklace is the first collaboration between jewellery/accessories designers TATTY DEVINE and artist Mark Pawson. Made from perspex and shown above actual size, the necklace has raised letter ing in bright primary colours on both sides! Every necklace is individual they are hand made and the colour of the letters is different on each one! Comes packaged on a card showing the front door of TATTY DEVINEs East London Shop.
1999 NO NEW WORK ARCHIVE BOX A sturdy 23x32x7cm box specially designed for safe and convenient storage of your collection of badges, books, collages, enamel plaques, mailart, postcards, prints, rubberstamps, stickers t-shirts & other Pawsonalia! Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered boxes,hand silkscreened with your choice of White, Rust Brown or Dark Green print on light brown cardboard comes with a selection of press clip pings/reviews/show invites/no new work badge... these boxes are currently stacked precar iously in my bedroom, blocking out the light and threatening to topple over and rain down on me in the middle of the night!
1995 BICYCLE WHEEL THEFT COMMEMORATIVE ENAMEL PLAQUE Mark Pawson/work fortheeyetodo Traditional enamel plaque with text in red, green, blue and purple on a white background, corner holes for fixing, comes in a signed, numbered envelope with an explanatory booklet. 235x170 mm edition of 30.

1989-2005 Variant, The Modern Review, new observations, PURE, Cheap Date,, Nude

BIBLIOGRAPHY - my work featured in;
1991 Copy Art, Klaus Urbons, Dumont, Cologne, Illustration.
1994 Electrographie, Klaus Urbons, Dumont, Cologne, Illustration.
1997 BARONI BOOK ???
1999 Seven wonders of the world/Bookworks/matthew Higgs...
2001 ZINES, ed L.Farrelly, Booth-Clibborn.
2001 Experimental Layout, R. Bestley & I. Noble, Rotovision.
2002 Picture Perfect, Ian Noble, Rotovision.
2002 the new handmade grapics, Anne Odling-Smee.
2005 more paperwork, Nancy Williams, Phaidon.
2007 Badge Button Pin, Gavin Lucas, Laurence King
2006 INFLUENCES, Anna Gerber & Anja Lutz, DGV
2006 THINKING VISUALLY, Mark Wigan, AVA art on Paper (Sinclair, Dirty Havanna)

1995 Design Week, 10 November 1995, page 3, Article about my court action against the Legas Delaney Advertising Agency.
1996 Dec CREATIVE REVIEW; Cover Illustration and 4-page illustrated article.
1999 Sept Art Monthly No New Work exhibition reviewed in September 1999
2001 My badge designs featured in the Observer Magazine (21 Jan 01) and The Face (Jan 01)
???? ????? dish Magazine (Jp) 8-page feature on Noggins/My collection of wooden viking figures.
2003 Sept vogue (U.K.)
vogue (U.K.)
2003 March Dazed & Confused Magazine,
time out
2004 Jan CREATIVE REVIEW (front cover)
2005 KNITORAMA, Rachael Matthews. Modelling Assignment!
???? TV-the big breakfast plugs
???? TV-the big breakfast wayne -NOGGINS
???? Jamie’s cereal documentary!
200? HOOKARAMA, Rachael Matthews. Modelling Assignment!
???? Grafik
2008 Long Time No See

1986 London Coordinator, Decentralised Worldwide Postal Art Congress.
1989 Festival of Plagiarism, Glasgow
1990-2004 Small Press Bookfairs, London, Cardiff, Brighton, Glasgow Stoke-on-Trent, Nijmegen NL
1993,95,97 Mainz Mini Presse Messe, Mainz, Germany.
1994-2004 Artists Bookfairs, Southbank & Barbican Centre London, ICA
1994-1995 Exploding Cinema, Multimedia film/video shows in London, Manchester,Dublin, Tour of Germany & Belgium
1999-2005 free stuff party
2004,2005 fleamarket @ temporarycontemporary, Deptford, London.
mangle sale
santa claus??
Open Tech 2005
2005 V&A Village Fete, 'Make a Geodesic Sphere from 30 postcards.' + 2006, 2007
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Publish and Be Damned
2006 & 2008 NY Art Book Fair

Strangely Satisfying

2000 Commissioned by Levi's Vintage Clothing, I produced a unique 12 ft x 3 ft print on Denim. This artwork was used as a magazine insert and A1 poster distributed in art + fashion magazines throughout Europe and the USA in Autumn 2000 (Flash Art, Frieze, i-D etc... total circulation approx 650,000 copies)
2002 Elle Deco, Post-It Note wallpaper installation created for photoshoot.
2003 ‘Print More Post Cards’ project funded by research grant from London College of Printing

2000 one of 4 artists invited to contribute a design for the airside t-shirt club
2001 My badge designs featured in the Observer Magazine (21 Jan 01) and The Face (Jan 01)
2004 Aggressive School of Cultural Workers, Honorary Membership Awards